Athletic Policies

755 HITS believes that the time has come to end the era of suspicion and controversy about chemical and performance enhancing substance abuse in sports and life. Athletes, amateur and professional must once again, consider their obligation as role models and embrace mandatory drug testing applied randomly and unscheduled as the first step in returning honesty and integrity to sports and to themselves. We support a policy that provides for the cataloging and inventorying of urine or other medical samples indefinitely, for all professional, national and international competitive sporting events. We support cataloging and inventorying so that urine and medical samples may be tested in the future when more sophisticated detecting devices are available. Anyone who has achieved excellence in their field of endeavor through dedication and hard work should willingly “step up to the plate” and demonstrate their personal integrity.

755 HITS proposes the adoption of minimum standards for testing and penalties, applicable to schools, colleges, clubs, public and private athletic associations. We support a policy for all league opening days that would require every athlete in all sports leagues, clubs and associations whether professional or amateur to place their hands over their hearts and make a public pledge to compete without the aid of any performance enhancing drugs. It is our belief that if amateur athletics adopts the appropriate zero tolerance standards, professional sports organizations will have no other choice but to adopt the same.

755 HITS will support athletic organizations to create a uniform international standard of testing and penalties through education and public awareness programs. Recognition for embracing and meeting the standards will be published on the 755HITS web site and will encourage other teams to join in and “play by the rules.” We believe that there should be severe economic and prestigious consequences for any player or team that fails to meet standards. The onus and responsibility for enforcement will be incumbent on the individual foremost and the team, league and coaches secondly but no less equally.

755 HITS will continue to publish any known performance enhancing substances. We will also endeavor to work with medical, legal and athletic organizations such as the American Medical Association, Federal Drug Administration, and the American Academy of Pediatrics to improve awareness of substances known and recognized for their deleterious effects. 755 HITS plans to promote public educational forums so that the weight and power of public opinion can be placed upon athletic organizations that refuse to accept our Zero tolerance polices and standards. The policies and standards developed will clearly define our universal position on “zero tolerance” in the immoral use of performance enhancing substances.

755 HITS requires that policies concerning substance abuse be incorporated into the by laws of all athletic organizations. Recognized personnel such as coaches and teachers will report a student when there is reason to believe the student or athlete has used performance enhancing substances, steroids or other known agents defined on the list of banned substances. An athlete may return to school or play while awaiting the result of the medical evaluation, examination, urinalysis or other approved testing method. However all play is subject to the disciplinary actions.

If at anytime before, during or after an athletic event a player involved in that competition or event is found to have used performance enhancing substances, the following disciplinary actions should be taken by the organization:

  1. All individual & team records and performances achieved shall be voided and stricken.
  2. All team victories shall be forfeited to the opponent.
  3. Individual or team awards earned during such participation shall be refunded to the athletic organization for redistribution.
  4. Return of any financial remuneration or prizes to the athletic organization for redistribution.