Why  755 HITS  Matters

We, as fellow parents and individuals around the world, need to send a clear, simple and resounding message to our world leaders, governing officials, businesses, schools and organizations. We will no longer allow record setting accomplishments to be broken or obliterated by those who use chemical substances in any form as a means of enhancing athletic performance. We will not allow our children to believe in the idea that cheating to win is acceptable. 755 is our lightning rod number as an example of a position on which we intend to hold firm. When Henry "Hank" Aaron broke Babe Ruth's lifetime home run record of 714, he accomplished the feat naturally, through honesty, integrity and truth. We are not opposed to anyone capable of setting or breaking records; we applaud and promote the excitement and energy of dedicated record-breaking competition. Our position, however, is simple, clear, and direct: anyone found to have cheated the system of fair play and integrity should have his or her record invalidated and should not be afforded accolades or allowed to reap financial reward as a result of their deceitful actions.

As a society we must not allow the records of sports idols to be surpassed by the performances of modern athletes under the influence of chemicals or enhancements. Major sports leagues should not allow players to use such substances. Looking away or adopting lenient policies on questionable substances is tacit approval of unacceptable behavior. We implore professional franchises as well as schools and amateur sports organizations, to adopt zero tolerance guidelines for the use of chemical and substance abuse. These guidelines will help to ensure the integrity of professional and amateur athletics and restore honor to the games they represent.

Through education and advocacy we will endeavor to protect our children and families from being seduced into the belief that taking chemical substances in any form is an acceptable means of enhancing athletic performance. Our message is clear; penalties that far outweigh the potential benefits must be enforced if we are going to help young people realize and understand the merits of true competitive spirit.


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In Loving Memory of:

Taylor Edward Hooton (June 10, 1986 – July 7, 2003)