Frequently Asked Questions

What are 755 HITS goals?

Education and increased public awareness, our intent is to provide support through education about Truth, Honesty and Integrity; in athletic competition, and as a foundation of public conduct. Doing the right thing, taking responsibility for your actions and being held accountable when you break the rules. Simply, knowing right from wrong, taking any substance that artificially enhances performance is no different than cheating on a test, it is wrong! There are consequences in society for following or breaking rules and laws, we want kids to grow up knowing that success is always about doing what is right.

How much of every dollar donated will go towards the education and awareness of performance enhancement substances?

92% of all revenue generated from donations and proceeds from 755 HITS merchandise will go towards supporting education and awareness.

Have professional leagues created an environment where cheating is tolerated?

Our opinion is that the creation of a specific list of banned substances is tacit approval of other performance enhancing substances, and this environment of approval is harmful to players and their fans. The specificity of a banned list creates that atmosphere among athletes, trainers and chemists that substances are okay as long as they are either not on the list or because they canít be detected, is in it self wrong. Adopting clear policies, where taking any performance enhancing substance is considered wrong and penalties applied, creates accountability, amateur and professional leagues can simply do the right thing. If Major League Baseball can create and enforce a zero tolerance policy on gambling, which they have done successfully in the case of Pete Rose, they can create a policy on substance abuse and enforce it if they really want to. We cannot understand why they would want to put the health and welfare of their players at risk, the players are the ones who fill the seats, sell the merchandise and make ownership financial rewarding.

What types of organizations will you support?

755 HITS will provide support primarily to non professional and youth related sports programs. We will work with any scholastic or public youth athletic club; our initial approach would be to work with all amateur athletic leagues, club and associations. We believe that our approach will maintain a level playing field for Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, Track & Field, Football, Basketball and Wrestling just to name a few. We currently support the TAYLOR HOOTON FOUNDATION ( and the MIRACLE LEAGUE. We want to support kids, parents and coaches, please contact us at 755 or email us so we can determine how we may benefit your organization.

Who will enforce the penalties for stripping players of their records?

We have developed guidelines on penalties which are listed on our website; ultimately it will be the responsibility of each individual organization to enforce a penalty when an infraction has been documented. We believe that it is the responsibility of each organization to create a Code of Conduct for players, parents and coaches, acknowledging that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules. Your signature on the document means that you accept the penalties for failure to follow the rules on performance enhancing substances and cheating.

How will you categorize or document performance enhancing substances?

We will allow the medical community and respected international organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency to determine what substances are considered performance enhancers. 755 HITS believes that any substance taken for a specific medical condition must be documented by the player and their physician. Our belief is that strength, power and ability are derived from hard work, talent and proper nutrition. We plan on expanding our web site to provide guidelines to proper nutrition, simply put, if you are eating a well balanced diet of recognized foods from the major food groups you are playing by the rules.