What is 755 HITS?

755 is just one of the many numbers that symbolize athletic achievements earned through honesty, integrity and truth in sports competition. In professional baseball the number 755 relates to the current all time home run record set by Henry "Hank" Aaron. 755 is also synonymous with other outstanding records such as Roger Maris's 61 single season home runs, Jack Nicklaus's 18 major golf tournament wins, Cal Ripken, Jr.'s 2,632 streak of consecutive games played and Mark Spitz's 7 Olympic Gold Medals.

Hundreds of other records and achievements held by young athletes and amateur competitors whose records, while less famous, are equally as important and deserving of our praise. These accomplishments are important because they are earned through hard work and dedication. Like many of the professionals they emulate, student athletes holding records through honest effort preserve integrity and pride in professional and amateur competition.